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In Search For The ‘Afghan Girl’

     BASED ON WHAT I’VE SEEN IN THE AFGHAN GIRL’S DOCUMENTARY,                                                                                       I CONSIDER MYSELF LUCKY IN MANY WAYS. 

Firstly, Sharbat Gula went through such a horrible childhood that I can’t even compare mine to hers. There was war, poverty and lots of misses in those years. She had lost her parents; she can’t even remember them. When I think of myself, I could not handle that kind of pain. Secondly, she had to deal with poverty in her life all the time. I am so lucky that I have never faced this kind of problem at any stage of my life yet. Whenever I needed something; be it food, shelter or education, I obtained them very easily. On the other hand, she cannot even imagine a life like mine. Her situation makes me sad. Also, what I’ve seen makes me think about the injustice among the world especially considering their life and more economically developed countries in the West. To sum up, I consider myself very lucky and I am now more aware of my luck based on the high standard conditions I have.

Ayça Evrenkaya, Fen 4

 First of all, my family’s financial status is good enough to live in absolutely brilliant conditions. I can buy and eat whatever I want whereas people in this documentary are suffering from poverty. It is obvious that they even have no money to buy soap in order to keep their hands clean.  When I compare their houses with mine, I can’t even call theirs a ‘house.’ Secondly, I live in a country where the culture is modern. I can easily talk or go out with my girlfriends. However, Afghan people have a very conservative culture. For example, a woman is never allowed to show her face, never mind the other parts of her body. This is not a culture that I would like to live in. Finally, I live in a peaceful country. People in Afghanistan are still under the negative effects of Russian-Afghan war during the 1980s. War is an awful thing to live with and being away from the horrors of war is another thing that makes me lucky. To sum up, I am luckier than the people I saw in that documentary and I’m very thankful.

Aytuğ Aydemir, Fen 4

One reason for us of being lucky is that we can build friendships easily and we have no gender discrimination. In this documentary, Afghan women are not allowed to communicate with any men except family members. However, we can talk to men regardless of their gender. We also have equal rights with men in social life.

Karya Erdem, Fen 4

She was always in tough conditions which she had to survive. In the documentary, she still has to struggle together with her husband, many kids, and having left a dead baby behind. Her life was always full of hardship because of the wars. On the other hand, I’m very lucky to have a comfortable and peaceful life. Secondly, her parents were both killed during the war. Thank God, mine are alive and we have a happy family. If I were in her place, losing my family, I think I wouldn’t be able to recover from all that pain but she had to keep on living. Thirdly, when she was just a kid, she had to give up her education. I’m very lucky that I get good education in such a successful school. Because of all these reasons I really consider myself very lucky.

Gizem Tokta, Fen 4

The reason why I am lucky is that I live in a country which is not in a war. Therefore, there isn’t any danger of getting killed by a bullet fired from a soldier’s rifle or by a bomb that drops on my house. I live in a safe place with my family. Secondly, I have much better life conditions than the Afghan people. I live in an apartment in a big city which can provide electricity, water and shelter. My house keeps me warm in cold weather. My life is far more comfortable than their life. Thirdly, I have great education opportunities compared to the Afghan people. We always find a teacher when we need. Our facilities are so great that we can have various activities such as football, volleyball and tennis. We have science labs to do projects. For Afghan children whose schools are in the tents, my conditions are just a dream.

Göktuğ Bora, Fen 4


I’m lucky for not living in Afghanistan. Women’s conditions are very bad. They haven’t got rights. They can’t even talk to men outside their family. Their husband must allow them first. I give importance to my freedom so living there would be impossible for me.

Sezen Kurt, Fen 4

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Cats and Dogs

Which one is better; being a dog or a cat ? I am a cat and I have a dog  friend . She is adorable and I love her very much but I think I am better than her. I have to convince my friend that I am the best animal of the world because I like convincing my friends. I love to be right! There are several differences and similarities in terms of our living style and our personality.

At first glance, it seems that cats and dogs have a lot in common. First of all, both of us have hair and we both hate water. I don’t like to be wet. It is disgusting. In addition, we both can live in houses and on the streets. We have lots of homes and I like to make people love me. Likewise my friend likes to make people love her .

It was when we looked at the differences between us that I am not a loyal animal but it’s not in my gens so I can’t do anything. However, dogs are loyal animals. They can sacrifice themselves for their owners. They need people but we as cats don’t need them.

In conclusion, after taking everything into consideration, I think I couldn’t convince my friend but I think that I am not a perfect animal because of my lifestyle and my personality. I couldn’t decide which one of us is better but we will probably be happier like that.

Zeynep Şahin, 10-C


Nowadays the friendship between cats and dogs is improved.Thus I felt like I have to write something about it. I have a friend which is a dog and there are a lot of  similarities but at the same time we have so many differences. After thinking a lot about it, I found out it’s very normal we are friends.

First of all, we have a lot in common. We are both playful and we both love playing. Therefore it’s easy for us  to have fun together. Dogs are pets and cats are too. So both of us can communicate with people easily. Most importantly, dogs are good friends for people. Likewise, cats are good friends for people.

On the other hand, there are differences. Firstly, it’s hard to say but dogs are more loyal friends than cats. Secondly, dogs do not choose what to eat in contrast cats are picky eaters. However, dogs eat whatever they find.

After taking everything into consideration, I think we have more similarities than we have differences. Since being friendly and playful, being pets and friends for people are the most important factors  that I think cats and dogs are similar.

Sena Özer

As a cat I believe that dogs and cats are two different best friends of humans, both have similarities and differences. I realized it when I compare and contrast my life with my dog friend Tommy’s. After I analyzed our lives, I decided that cats are luckier than dogs in many ways.

At first glance, we seem different but we are alike in several ways. For example, both dogs and cats want to live with an owner who pays attention for them. We are animals who like playing games. We play different games but we like them. Humans see both cats and dogs as a good friend therefore they feed us at their homes.

We are independant animals who prepare their home to their owner. On the other hand, dogs love their owner more than anything. We can live alone for a long time, but dogs can not do that even if they are at home. We were born as educated animals who can clean themselves and use cat sand as toilet. However, dogs need education and they can not clean themselves. In contrast, we use our tongues instead of water which we hate.

In conclusion, we can say that in terms of independence, education and cleaning habits, my life is better than Tommy’s. Therefore, I am proud to be a cat.

Celil Aktaş, 10 C

Last week I was asked if the cat’s or the dog’s life was better. Although I had both a cat and a dog, I couldn’t make up my mind. Even though I had both animals I knew that it was a tough decision to make. After I observed my animals’ lives I have decided that dog’s life was better. I would probably be happier as a dog.

Even though they have so many similarities such as they both have four ears and legs, they have a tail and both two ears and two eyes other than that they are both tainted and they both love humans and the most important fact for me is that they are clean animals.

However, rather than these similarities they have tons of differences such as cats have claws, dogs have paws. Cats can’t defend themselves but dogs can easily. Personally, I think that dog-human relation is more powerful than cat-human relation because in years dogs earned humans’ trust by their loyalty. However, the cats wrote their names to the history as the “Thankless” and the most important difference is that you can play fetch with a dog but you can’t with a cat. Oh, and cats have perfect vision at night but lack of hearing. On the other hand dogs have flawless hearing and night vision.

In conclusion, after making enough observations on my pets, I think I want to be a dog rather than being a cat. I mean, while I was writing the similarities and the differences, I realized that dogs have better features and a better place in human’s heart. I will probably be happier as a dog.

                                                       Ege Önalp, 10 D

 Last night, I was hanging out with my friends Gipsy and Ginger. We were two cats and just one dog. After Gipsy left us, we started to talk about her, a little bit of gossip. Then we couldn’t find which of us is superior; cats or dogs. After that I decided to analyze the similarities and differences between cats and dogs, but finally I saw  that cats are better than dogs.

At first glance, it seems that dogs and cats have a lot in common. First of all, cats and dogs’ physical appearances are alike in some ways. For instance, both of us have four legs and our faces’ shape is the same. In addition, cats can live on streets or we can be domestic just like dogs can. Finally, dogs can be trained. Likewise, cats can be trained.

It was when I looked at the differences between us, cats and dogs that I made my final decision. In terms of characteristic properties, cats are standing ahead. Whereas we have a free spirit, dogs want to belong to someone. Dogs are loyal even if the owner of it behaves in a bad way, they won’t leave them, they will always be faithful. In contrast we won’t like anyone who treats us badly. We are a little bit ungrateful but dogs are loyal. Although we both live in our houses, cats love warm places, they always want to live in such places different from the dogs. Dogs can sleep or live anywhere they want. Cats have an agile body. However, dogs are gawky. For instance, if a cat falls out of a window, nothing impotant will happen, but same thing won’t happen to a dog. It will be badly injured.

In conclusion, after taking everything into consideration, I think I made the right decision. Characteristics, body structure and areas to live are important to me to decide which of us is better. So cats are better pets if you have to choose.

Elif Erdemgil

    Hello everyone! This month they want me to write about me and my friend’s lifestyles. As you know we are always fighting with Lucy and you generally don’t understand our fights, so with this essay you’ll understand our relationship. A comparison between my and my friend Lucy’s lives reveals many similarities and differences.

At first glance, people and animals which are not cats or dogs, don’t easily understand our similarities and differences. To start with, we both can live in houses so we are domestic animals. I love playing games with people, likewise Lucy. People call themselves as owners, but in my opinion, they are my friends, maybe parents and Lucy thinks like that, too. Most importantly, we both have four legs and hair. As you see, we are alike in several ways.

On the other hand, we have some characteristic differences. To give an example; all of you know me as a selfish animal. However, you think that Lucy is amiable. So our biggest fights are about being jealous of each other. Whereas Lucy eats everything, I eat just my favourites. Actually if  I was so hungry, I would think about it. Unlike Lucy, I’m so fast. In addition, Lucy can’t stop herself playing games, she plays more than I play. Unfortunately, Lucy’s species can live up to an old age, but we can’t.

In conclusion, after taking everything into consideration, since my nobleness, well speed and good friendship with my parents, you can easily understand that our fights are about these differences. Cats will always be better than dogs!

Tansu Ekşi

Last week, they brought me a new friend which is a Labrador named Oscar and we were supposed to be enemies but we actually get along quite well. I used to think like that too, likewise my cat friends, before I met Oscar. I wanted to show that cats and dogs can be friends in this month’s Pet Magazine but I couldn’t find a way to do this. It was only after I analyzed the similarities and differences between Oscar and me that I finally found a way to show it.

At first glance, it seems that we have more differences, actually we have a lot in common. First of all, we both live in the house. There I spend most of my time sleeping likewise Oscar. Also we love being interested in. Most importantly, we both have four legs and we are very athletic. In addition, we have extremely good hearing and smelling senses. Oscar’s communication with our owners are similar to mine. We are together with the people all the time. We can communicate with them in our ways. To sump up, there are several things in common.

When I think about Oscar and me I realized that we are different in many ways. Unlike me, Oscar goes for a walk twice a day. If it comes to food, while I just eat baby food, Oscar eats everything he finds. In addition, I like being everywhere in the house. I’m more libertarian than Oscar. Whereas, I don’t quite like children, Oscar loves them a lot. But these differences shouldn’t influence my decision.

In conclusion, after taking everything into consideration, I think I made the right decision. Since physical appearance, living area and communication with people are all very important to me, I will probably be happier with Oscar.

                                   Neşe Ekin Ünsal

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Eco-friendly Homes

In my opinion, eco-homes are very good because they make the house warm in winter and cold in summer, so they keep the heat. Eco-homes protect the environment. In short, they are very beneficial. However, they are quite expensive. 

 Sarp Demirkazık, Prep A

In my opinion, eco-homes are great but I can’t see enough eco-homes in my town.  Eco-homes protect the environment.  They are useful. However, most people think villas or flats are better than eco-homes. I don’t think so. I hope I will see more eco-homes in my town.

 Berkay Güleç, Prep A




In my opinion, eco-homes are very useful because they protect the environment. They don’t cause pollution. They are very important for global warming. Some eco-homes keep the heat inside with the help of plants. They use the sun and produce energy. I think grey (dirty) water is the best to protect the environment because we can keep the dirty water to use it again so we don’t waste any water. If we want to protect the environment, we should use eco-homes.

Özge Canatan, Prep A

I think eco-homes are a very good idea. They don’t cause pollution. They use the nature to protect the environment. In eco-homes there are water tanks. These water tanks use grey water. It’s a good idea, but grey water is actually dirty water and many people don’t like to use dirty water.  On the roof of eco-homes, there are a lot of plants.  Plants make eco-homes better than normal houses and they keep the heat.

 Mert Andaç Kılıç, Prep A

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Child Labour

Young workers’ ages are between 14 and 18. They work under heavy conditions. They have different and difficult jobs. They must work because they haven’t got any money to live. Bosses make them work under difficult circumstances. Child workers don’t know their rights and they can’t protect themselves because they are unable to go to school. In my opinion, bosses should let children work part time because they should go to school. They should have hobbies and some free time. Also their family should help the children. By the way, the union must protect young workers’ rights.

 Simge Naz Altın, Prep A

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Little Workers

I read some news about child workers and I was sad. In Antalya, in a factory there was a boy who was 13 years old. He worked for 12 or 13 hours a day and one day while he was working, he broke his leg and now he hasn’t got a leg. I was sad and angry when I heard this. We must protect children. Children must be over 15 years old to work. We must improve their working conditions. Children must have enough time to play and go to school.  Children mustn’t work over their power and the working places must be clean and safe and everybody must behave well to each other. If the boss beats the children, we must complain to the union. The government must protect the workers who are under age. We must donate money to social funds to help these children, so they can learn new things at school.

It’s a very upsetting situation because children want to go to school, but maybe their families don’t give permission to them to go to school. They have to work and look after their families. 

Fortunately I don’t work, I go to school. I thank my parents because I can go to school. All I have to do is homework.

 Senem Nur Özker, Prep A

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Children Working In The Mountains


In this picture, people are working on the mountains. They carry very heavy objects and I think they are very tired of this. For this job, they get a very small amount of money, but they are not sad. Sometimes they work for many hours a day and at work they cannot eat anything. They come to work early and they go to their houses at night. My opinion is, they can at least give these young workers some food to eat or they can give them a better place to work. They can also give them a larger amount of money.

 Mert Andaç Kılıç, Prep A

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Child Labour In Africa

In Africa little children work to make money for the family. I think it’s a bad idea because little children shouldn’t work. 

They don’t eat food at work. They don’t get enough money. They work in bad places. I think they must give children something to eat, they must give more money to them and they must give them holiday. Their working hours must be shorter because they can’t have enough time to play, sleep and go to school.

We must help these kids and talk to their families about sending their children to school. 

 Cenk Şakul, Prep A

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