Reflections on Dead Poets Society

16 Feb

I think the students at Welton decided to create a Dead Poets Society because they wanted to break away from conformity as they didn’t wanted to use their opinions and they wanted to see things from their viewpoints.

 Neil always listened to his father’s wishes and advice, but he didn’t have to do it because his father restricted him and he didn’t do anything to realize his opinions so they couldn’t understand each other and this relationship affected Neil badly.

I would like to attend Welton because there is an interesting teacher who uses different methods to teach the lesson and at the same time there are many interesting lessons with him.

If I were a student at Welton, I think I would say to my parents :”Mr. Keating is a little crazy, but I think his viewpoint is so different from others and he is intelligent.  He wants to create new opinions by himself.  I love him because of his personality.”

Mr. Keating was an admirable person because he understood students and he told his lessons with different methods, he wanted them to create their own opinions and he wanted them to be free and support their opinions freely.

I think teachers always show true ways to us and teachers want us to create our own ways, they want us to be free.  They are so important in one’s life from my point of view.

I think Mr. Keating wanted to say :”you must do something for yourself, you mustn’t do something for the other people.  First, you must think about yourself and believe in yourself.  If you learn this, you can understand the idea of education.”

Senem Nur Özker / Prep A

The students at Welton decided to create a Dead Poets Society.  What Mr. Keating said and how he looked at the world made them curious and then they created Dead Poets Society.

Neil’s father couldn’t live the life that he wanted or couldn’t believe in Carpe Diem because he was just living someone else’s life.  He made his son to live without himself too.  He stopped him. It made him an invisible slave inside a boy.  Understanding how the world works and acting according to it is not the right behavior.  Neil fought for what he believed and he died for what he wanted to be.

Welton is not the type of school I would want to attend because being under so much pressure and just studying all the time can’t be what schools teach you.  Teaching is not making students know what the book knows; teaching is not what teachers read to us.  Teaching is what they say to us with their own voices and with their own words.  In such schools, there aren’t any teachers; there are just lots of readers, but the students aren’t blind, why do they need someone to read them?  This is the reason why I don’t want to be in such a school.  I don’t want to be a reader and I don’t want people to make me a reader.

Mr.  Keating is a teacher.  He is brave, clever and original, he is also a believer.  He teaches.  We can’t be similar to him because he is different, because he talks in his own language.  He is not a reader, he is a teacher.

We can’t see people like Mr. Keating in our lives, actually we see them rarely, why?  Because we don’t know where to look at, who to listen to.  When we can understand a person who answers these questions, he/she will be unique in this gray world.

I don’t know how to define the importance of a teacher, but it is like a dry area with lots of people around, someone finds some water, but that person doesn’t drink it, he/she gives it to plants.  It can make a sprout grow and turn it into a plant.  A person who can have his / her own behaviors, can help the others too.  Not everyone can give it to a plant, but some people can.

John Keating said: “I always thought the idea of education was to learn to think for yourself.”  What can knowing everything bring to us?  Knowledge, being an intellectual or being a professor.  Can it even bring these to us?  We can be intellectuals or we can know everything that was taught to us, but being an individual is something different.  Education of an individual is not that simple.  We  can act like a robot, but we can’t act like an individual.  Being that individual needs some things:  your own words, voice etc.  These are what make us an individual and when we become an individual we can graduate from our schools.

Aytolun Cansu Ece Gür / Prep A

When John Keating came to Welton, students understood that they were bored of this school’s system.  They wanted to change their lives and make them extraordinary like Mr. Keating taught them to do.  They learned that Mr. Keating and his friends had created Dead Poets Society, so they wanted to try to create a new one.

Some parents want to plan their children’s life without ever asking them.  Neil’s father is one of them.  Neil is clever and respectful.  However, he is not happy about his life.  He never objects his father’s wants and this makes him depressed. He says, “For the first time in my whole life, I know what I wanna do!  And for the first time, I’m gonna do it!  Whether my father wants me to or not!  Carpe diem!” and this is first opposition to his father and it is also his first effort to make his life extraordinary.

Boarding schools like Welton accept only male or female students.  I find this boring.  Schools like Welton don’t care about students’ dreams, feelings and thoughts.  They want to keep them in the system and teach them in an ordinary way.  I prefer to attend schools where I can express myself freely and make my life extraordinary like Mr. Keating says in the movie.

If I was attending Welton, and Mr. Keating was my teacher, I would describe him to my parents like this:  Last week, I met a poetry teacher who is a very sophisticated person.  His name is Mr. Keating.  He is a very understanding teacher.  He has different thoughts, he teaches necessary things.  On the first day we met  him, we went in front of the pictures of old students.  Then he said important things which we had to know.  He always teaches incredible things to me.

There are some teachers who are incredible and Mr. Keating is one of them.  He is an admirable person to me because he can change students’ minds for amazing things.  Students want to go everywhere with Mr. Keating, so he is an effective person, teacher.

In my opinion, teachers are like our compass because they always think what is best for us.  They always teach us the right thoughts and behaviors because they want us to be great people.  They always try to do the right things, so everyone must give importance to teachers, they are our angels.

I think education must teach us how to think to choose our own way and follow our own way, so education must improve our ideas.  Actually, education teaches us to live on our own.

Burcu Zeynep Konuk / Prep A

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One response to “Reflections on Dead Poets Society

  1. Bethany Varnum

    February 18, 2012 at 8:19 am

    One of the very best movies of all time! It’s what University should be like, in my opinion. Education is power and your mind is your most powerful muscle! Well-done and great thoughts students!


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