It’s Annoying!

21 Feb

Have you ever noticed how many annoying habits people have? You always tolerate those kind of habits, it’s mostly because you have some too. Or, sometimes you should tolerate them because the person with annoying habits is someone you really care about. All you can do is to hope those people to change or you can choose to being yourself and get them out of your life, nothing more.

Most annoying person type is who acts like he knows every single thing about everything. This person’s all habits are annoying. Because this person never admits that he has made a mistake or you’re right. But mostly he is your boss, so you have no chance, you have to obey and tolerate him. Beside this, you need to satisfy his ego.

Second annoying person type is Mr. Idiot. This type’s habit is lying. When a person tells a lie and everyone understand, it is a lie, we call that person a liar. But the truth is this person is not a liar; he is an idiot. He can not even tell a lie and that’s the point. He thinks he can manage to trick everyone. Actually nobody believes him and this is why you should tolerate situation because, otherwise he would never close the topic. He continues speaking and trying to make you believe him so all you can do with it is shut your mouth up and act like you believe him.

The last one is more than just being annoying; it also makes you feel disappointed. When you really care about somebody, you imagine that person is perfect. You want to see him like a hero sometimes. From you point of view mistakes can never fit on him so you start to ignore all his mistakes and annoying habits. But after all, once he or she disappointed you, you notice all the annoying habits that belong to him. But again instead of making this person getting out off your life, you try to change him. Because still you care about him and you still want to see him perfect. After a while, when these habits start to hurt you, your patient glass starts to fill and when you lose another person because of him, this makes the glass flow. Again only thing that you can do is give up that person but still your loss never come back.

Life is all based on acting. If you are a good actor and give the people what they want, you can have a standard life. On the other hand, if you want to be yourself, before being yourself, decide that just being yourself makes you happy, because you need to take the risk of being alone when you want to be yourself. Life’s rule is simple; if you are good in your partner’s standards, the person is your friend; if you’re not, you are alone. So sometimes we have to tolerate, but for other times, we have a chance to choose. In my opinion, being yourself is the most important and satisfying thing.

Öykü Geyik, Fen 2

Different people have different living styles and these habits can irritate one another. There are three actions that are very irritating such as throwing away other people’s belongings, not giving way to the faster car behind and talking too loud while using cell phones in public places such as inside a bus or a building.

If a car behind is faster than you, you must give way to that car because of the same reasons. Although it is not always the case, there is the possibility that the car behind may have a person inside who needs medical attention as soon as possible. If the car does not give way, that person seeking medical attention may find his/her life in danger. Or, people driving on their way to an important meeting may lose a lot of time if the car ahead doesn’t give way to them.

People who talk too loud on their cell phones in a public place are also irritating. it becomes an annoyance because these places are public and there are other people sharing the same place with you who may be disturbed with what you are doing. For instance, if a baby gets awakened by a loud voice, the mother will get annoyed. Or, someone who is reading a book may be disturbed and may lose concentration due to the loud voice.

If someone throws away another person’s belongings, it is really annoying too, because you can’t know if that thing is important to him/her and you may damage something which doesn’t belong to you. Moreover, if the person doesn’t care about what he/she did, it gets more irritating.

Each person is a part of the society; therefore we should live in peace with them. However, if these actions turn into a habit for most of the people, it really becomes unbearable. Therefore, people must be more aware of that they are not the only person living and they should be more careful  and not be selfish in society.

                                                                                                                                                             Berkin Bolerden, Fen 2

People have habits and they usually can’t change them. Because of this having not irritating habits is the best way. In this way, people can have healthier relationships with the others. People who have habits such as rudeness, lying and priggery are the most irritating ones in the world.

Firstly, rude people are very irritating. For example, if you made a mistake and somebody should warn you. At this time, if a person warns you with a rude and offensive language, you won’t communicate with him/her anymore. Warning someone is very necessary, too. Of course I don’t want a friend who always gets along well with me and never tells my faults; actually a liar.

Lying is a very irritating and obtrusive behaviour, too. Unfortunately, there are so many liars around us nowadays. For instance, some people who are poor try to show themselves like they are rich and they try to head to the others. Is not it a very irrational and unnecessary attitude? It only makes people feel pity for them.

Let’s say the most irritating feature of people: Priggery. Put the case that you are a priggish person. You try to “teach” a doctor which medicine is better to use at the treatment of influenza. Is not it silly? There is a doctor in front of you and medicine is his profession. This will be very irritating for the person who you speak with and it doesn’t profit anything except being humiliated.

To conclude, being rude, liar or priggish are not good habits in life. People who have those features will always be sentenced to become isolated in the world.

Damla İlkgelen, Fen 2


There are some behaviours or features which dehumanize people. These behaviours and features also breach human relations. These kind of behaviours are too much in the world but I want to focus on three of them which bothers me the most: mandacity, selfishness and pessimism.

Lying is the biggest badness. A person who is lying can do all evilish things. Moreover, mendacity destroys human realtions. People can’t share any thing, any secret with a liar. If there isn’t any trusti there is no relationship. On the other hand, there were some lies which are called “white lies”. Sometimes people need to tell a lie for a innocent reason. They may be told to make someone happy. However in my opinion telling truth is always the best.

Selfishness is the second characteristic feature that irritates me. Egocentric people beleive that they are the center of the world. They don’t mind what the others think or feel. They believe that everbody should like, understand and admire them, although they were never try  to do anything about empathy. So selfishness brings them loneliness.

Pessimism is another characteristic feature which makes people’s life hard. Pessimistic people don’t have enough energy to get over the troubles. Furthermore these kind of people influence the people around them. They can’t see the beauty of the world. In my opinion pessimism makes life harder and complicated. Pessimism is a kind of unluckiness but people can try to change their pessimistic view.

As a conclusion mandacity, selfishness and pessimism are features that make me irritated. I believe that human beings can change their behaviours and features If they want. Perhaps it’s impossible to be a perfect person. But at least it is possible to be an honest, thoughtful and optimistic person. So that life becomes easier and happier.

Damla Türkay, Fen 2

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