Miserable World

21 Feb

Hatred is a strong word to describe feelings towards something. But actually many of the features of human beings are spiteful. They have the most improved intelligent brain in the biologic world. This sounds like something to be proud of. But it is not. Because of the complex thinking of human brain, people become dangerous, more dangerous than any living creature. If that thinking have limits and cannot be changed after brainwash of the societies, people will have the most disgusting and irritating habits. Stereotyped prejudice, corrupting individuality and over ambition are the features that I really hate and want to make them disappear.

First of all, these habits are really related to each other but to start with, corruption of individual thoughts is the most effective because it gives birth to other features. Every human being is different. It is almost impossible to have exactly the same ideology with someone else. This makes all the ideologies unnecessary. Because each thought have differences and if those minds try to accept something else without judging, it will change. However, this change is wrong. Some people even try to accept an ideology, religion or political thought just because the majority has that. That makes people sheepish. For example, if an atheist person read a book about atheism and if that person lives in religious place, he or she will be attacked. Attack can be physically or mentally. We always see or experience these things. Moreover, we need to think about other ignorant countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia or India. This is happening by the force of society’s pressure. This pressure is the one which create stereotypes.

A person cannot know another person’s philosophy. Actually as we can’t read minds, any simple kind of thought, life choices or features are impossible to know before acknowledging that person. Race, religion, sexuality, age and place tell nothing about a person. You can’t know if someone is nice or evil by looking at his/her race. You can’t judge a person just because he is black. You don’t have any rights to claim a person as dangerous just because he/she is homosexual. A seventeen year old person can be more experienced about a subject than older people. Some people can feel different and don’t want to live the culture of their own countries. If you ignore all of these, stereotyped prejudices will grow. That’s why nowadays some people are trying to protect human rights. Everyone knows how bad prejudice is, but everyone makes decisions about someone without knowing that person. Sometimes, this becomes even more dangerous with the over ambition.

Sometimes, wrong thinking and ignorant ideas are harmless if they just stay in that sheepish person’s mind. But the ambition which is given by society puts these ideas into actions. If we see a woman who is beaten by the religious people just because she smokes, if we see a man who is murdered by his own father just because he is gay, if we see people rejected for a job offer because of their race; we can easily say that those idiotic thoughts are extremely dangerous for humans. Unfortunately all of these examples have really happened in Turkey and that’s why I hate these actions and thoughts of people; all of them are happening in front of us, and people do nothing about it. In fact, people “can’t” do anything about it because this ambition creates fear. And fear is the most effective feeling which makes you stand and do nothing but panic.

Consequently, these features are too common for me to ignore. Corruption of individuality is the reason of stereotypes. Stereotypes are mother of prejudice. Ignorance combines with prejudice and creates a weapon. And over ambition shoots that weapon, causing chaos. And I don’t have any power to change it just by myself. That’s why I hate them. That’s why I hate ignorance, stereotypes. That’s why I simply hate people who have taboos. And these people are ninety percent of the world.

                                                                                                                                                             Can Kahyaoğlu, Fen 2


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2 responses to “Miserable World

  1. Bethany Varnum

    February 27, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    OK, I agree, but if you are raised in the same environment, such as close siblings, it’s possible to have the same ideologies. However, everyone has different experiences and their own mind, so what pushes their buttons, so to speak, is always different but derived from experiences and beliefe. Well written piece. Good job!

  2. Bethany Varnum

    February 27, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    I like your passion about your words you added to the piece. Small, closed minds are my biggest pet peeves, breeding ignorance!! AHHHHHH!


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