So-called Armenian Genocide Event

21 Feb

Nowadays, every country works for its own interest. In these days,  presidential elections are approaching in France and some political parties  started to act wisely. Even though they don’t know the meaning of ‘‘genocide’’ precisely they accuse people who deny the so called Armenian genocide. The Armenian Genocide Event is an up-to-date topic and there are some several reasons for it to be accepted in the French Parliament: Armenia wanting reparations, French parties’ vote demands from Armenian citizens living in France.

There wasn’t any genocide in times of 1915 because Ottoman Empire only took some precautions like sending Armenians out of the country. During the trip, lots of Armenians were killed by Kurdish gangs but later they were punished by the Ottoman Empire. Moreover, state didn’t organize the genocide. Ottoman Empire only protected itself. Furthermore, contrary to genocide, Armenians killed lots of citizens of Ottoman Empire. Armenians accepted genocide because they want to take some pieces of land in Turkey. Also, they want to get reparations.

France designed the new law because of its own interest. Some parties are trying to take votes of Armenians which is not correct because using the history in politics isn’t fair. Furthermore, France tries to prove that they are a peaceful and democratic country and it wants to get along peacefully with other states. The new law is ‘‘A person who humiliates and disparages the genocide, will be accepted as committing a crime’’. Consequently, who denies the law is directly sent to prison about at most 1 year with the penalty of 45 thousand euros.

In conclusion, this event destroyed the freedom of speech which is included in civil rights. There wasn’t any genocide in times of 1915 in Ottoman Empire because it isn’t in the cathegory of it even though lots of Armenians were killed. This event in France shows that they are only listening to the Armenians not the people who are accused. This shows us in some countries ignorence is progressing.

Ekin Yusuf Çam, 11-B

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