Vietnam War

21 Feb

Since the beginning of humankind, people or countries were having trouble with each other. These trouble may sometimes cause a war. For example, Vietnam was a colony of France at first, but after the Vietnam War, it became a communist republic. There are several causes of Vietnam War.

To begin with, as a capitalist country, America didn’t want communism to expand since they are two opposite regimes. Moreover, according to the domino theory of President Eisenhower, neighbouring countries can be affected from each other. So, if they all had the same regime, it might have been a danger for the USA.  In terms of the USA’s efforts to prevent the expansion of communism, Vietnam wanted to be an independent communist republic. Thus, these are the causes of Vietnam War.

As a result of these, Vietnam had gained its independence and a communist republic was formed. Besides, it became clear that the idea of the USA being unbeatable was wrong. Moreover, the USA totally lost much money since they had also paid approximately 75-80% of France’s military service.

To summarize, Vietnam War was the independence war of Vietnam which was against the USA and France. However,  the USA tried to prevent the expansion of communism, they couldn’t reach their aim and communism spread.

Işık ERATLI, 11-B

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