Friendships Should Last Forever

22 Feb

Real friendships last forever or until one of them dies. Best friends don’t leave behind the other one. If you support your friend, he’ll support you, too, so this friendship lasts forever. But it’s hard to have a friendship forever.

Only strong friendships can last forever, not all friendships. Self-interested friendships can finish easily. It’s not impossible to last a self-interested friendship forever. Real friends don’t want anything from their friends. They give something to their friends.

Good friends can’t fall out easily. Falling out with your best friend is difficult, and painful. Nobody wants to fall out with his best friend. Friendship is the most valuable thing in the world, and you don’t want to lose your friend. So, you shouldn’t fall out with your best friend.

                                                                                               Can Kavgacı, Fen 1

Friends are an important part of our lives because we usually spend our times with them.  Friendship means  lots of things for us. Now I want to explain the meaning of friendship .

I think friendship’s f is for forgiveness. After a discussion, if the friendship is real, there should be forgiveness.  Friendship’s r is for respect. In friendships respect is very important. Everyone needs somebody to respect and trust. I is for inspiration. Friends should inspire each other to do bettter and hard. E is for encouragement. Friends should  encourage their friends to be a better person. N is for nice. Your friends  will be nice for  you. D is for  delightful. A true friendship should be delightful. S is for support. A true friend should support their friends. H is  for happines. Friends should feel happy when they are together.  I is for important because friends are very important in our lives.  And p is for positive. A true friend should make you laugh and feel positive.

But despite all these things, I really can’t say that I think friendships last forever, because I know that  people change, time changes … and forever is a long time  of course. That’s why we can’t  have friendships which always last forever.

Deniz Genç, Fen 1

      Friendships should last forever. It  is true because friendships are very important and if you have a good friendship you are very lucky. Because if you have a bad event, you need a friend, so if you have friendship you are very lucky you tell about the bad event to your friend and your friend shows a way to you.

Other advantage is if your friend is a hardworking person, you are very lucky, because if your lessons are very bad, your friend can study with you and your friend tell his experiences. So, your exam mark will get higher and this is a very good advantage.

Other advantage is you are never alone and you get never bored. You do sports with your friend, your play basketball, football and you play video games with your friend. If you forget something, your friend may remember. If you forget some homework, you can call your friend, and your friend will tell your homework. It has got a lot of good advantages, so your friendship is very beneficial for you.

Finally, friendships should last forever. This sentence is true because if you have a friendship you have many advantages. So, if you haven’t got any friends, you should try to find  some friends and if you have good friends, you should be together forever, because its very important.

 Melihcan Kayacan, Fen 1

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