Barclays Premier League (2010/11)

Manchester United won their 12th Premier League title and 19th overall. A new record of 1,063 goals scored was set in a 38-fixture season. OnSaturday 5th February 2011a record 41 goals were scored in one day, in only eight matches. Premier League grounds were 92.2% full and the season’s attendance was 13.4m. Premier League turnover stands at £1.202bn, with more than £165m distributed outside of the League in solidarity, good causes and grassroots funding.

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What is Friendship?

Friendship is one soul that develops in two separate bodies. It requires reliability and modesty.  It develops within time. Supporting each other is really important because a person might feel lonely, helpless and may need someone. However, friendship mustn’t be based on benefits. Otherwise, it cannot be called ‘friendship.’ You should respect your friend and you shouldn’t use him/her for your own purposes. Also, you should never put his/her thoughts aside. Empathy mustn’t be neglected. It all brings trust and loyalty. However, if you realize your is lying once with bad intentions, you cannot trust him/her like you used to and friendship can’t go further than playing as friendships.


Uğur Yıldızlı, Fen 2

In my opinion, a real friend must be reliable, humble, generous and funny. But today, you can’t meet people who you can call ‘my best friend’  or real friend since facebook has been a part of our lives. Even though facebook has many benefits, it cuts out friendships because people can now meet who they want which is not a type of friendship that I support. Moreover, facebook is growing rapidly; therefore, real friends are going to be less. Also, how could you know your friend you only met on facebook is trustworthy. As a result, true friendship means, sharing important moments with real people, in real life situations, you can trust and support each other in difficult conditions.


Can Koçkan, Fen 2

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Thoughts On A New School Year


My heart was beating so fast while I was climbing the stairs. It was my first day at high school and I couldn’t stop myself from thinking what it is going to be like. I had passed prep exam so I had concerns. The main three things I was thinking about were the difficulty of lessons, foreign languages and friendship.

 By the time I graduated from Primary School everyone started to tell me about how hard high school is and how much I need to work. In fact, they were right about everything. I had only four important lessons back then, but now that number became nine. In addition lots of lessons are in English. Even though I had the ability to pass the prep exam nobody had ever told me about math’, physics’ or geometry’s terminology. There are two simple things to do for being successful at 9th grade. First, you need to study regularly. Next, you should have flashcards for unknown words. Like that I had no problem at lessons but English and French.

As a result of having normal lessons in English, our school is strict about foreign languages; especially English. We can’t even talk Turkish in classes even though we have both native and both Turkish teachers. English lessons are challenging. Exams are hard in order to determine our levels, but with the help of the exams and class work, like speaking, writing, and listening , you can’t believe how much your English will improve. Our school ensures that every student will graduate with a high level of English and another second foreign language.

After being with same friends for eight years I almost forgot how to make new friends. I have close friends who I have a tight relationship with. This is the reason why I think I don’t need any friends, but I was just living in my dream world. I should’ve have friends. That’s why I try to communicate with everyone and examine people’s behaviour. I also admit that it is not easy to get along with me. Friendship was a huge issue for me at the beginning of school but it isn’t now.

As a freshman, the first day of my high school life was a horror movie. I’m over it now. I’ve become successful in my lessons, my English have developed and I’m getting on well with lots of people. It is very important to adapt secondary school in every way and I think I achieved it. 

Hilal Bıçakçı, 9-D




Fun, scary, worry and nerve-racking equals the first day of high school.  New friends new teachers and a new place called school.  However this school is different because it is high school. I can see that some students think that the first day of school is easy because there is no work and no homework but some of them think that it is so scary and they feel sorry for themselves. They think that they can’t find any friends. On the other hand some students behave like a child and think that they are still in primary school. These students are not mature enough to be in high school.

Firstly, I agree with the students who think that the first day is easy.  There is no homework, no responsibility and no exam stress.  You are relaxed and the things that you should do are finding friends, learning school rules end meeting your new teachers. Are they hard? For me, no. especially if you are a social person it will be easier.

 If we look at the other people who think it is a scary, nerve-racking and disgusting.  Furthermore they can think they won’t have friends.  These fears are unnecessary.  During my school life I haven’t seen a person who has no friends. Everyone has an entourage.

 Finally the last types of students are what we call children. They cannot grow up. If we look at their appearance we can understand that they are teenagers. However when they start to talk or behave we cannot think that we are in high school. When the teacher says ‘OK.  It’s enough.  Now it’s time for the lesson.’  They should be quiet but they don’t understand or they don’t want to understand.

Consequently, there are many types of people in school.  Some of them are relaxed, some of them are really nervous and they have difficulties in finding friends or they think like this and the other type of children who cannot grow up and be spoiled.  They laugh at everything, all the time.  They don’t care about school and their lives.  You can see every type of student but you should learn to live with them. 

Ceren Akgül, 9-B      


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Conversations with The Little Prince

Little Prince found himself in an elegant world.  Then he saw a girl. 

Little Prince:  Who are you?

Beauty Queen:  What?! Don’t you know me? 

Little Prince:  I’m sorry, do I have to know you?

Beauty Queen:  Of course!  Everyone knows me, because I’m the most beautiful creature in the universe.  I’m the Beauty Queen.

Little Prince:  Nice to meet you, so what are you doing?

Beauty Queen:  I’m looking in the mirror just to see the prettiest thing in the universe.

Little Prince:  Oh, really!  Can you see something like that, because I can’t, I can only see you!

Beauty Queen:  How dare you!  Leave this planet, right now!  I don’t want to see you here!

Little Prince:  Okay, calm down.  I’m leaving, but I want to say something.

Beauty Queen:  It is me!

Little Prince:  I think my rose is more beautiful than you.

Beauty Queen:  Go away!

And Little Prince leaves the planet and he continues his journey.

Sandglass:  Hey, little boy! Come here!  What are you doing?

Little Prince:  I’m on a journey and I was just passing by.  Actually I’m surprised, I didn’t notice you.  Who are you?

Sandglass:  I’m the limited time.  When my sand reaches the bottom, many people remember their regrets.

Little Prince:  Why?

Sandglass:  Because the time would be over for them.  You must be careful too, soon you’ll get older.  You should hurry up to reach your desires.

Little Prince:  Getting old?!  What do you mean?

Sandglass:  When my sand falls, people grow up.  That means you are getting old.  Most of the time, people become regretful because of growing up and they want more time to live, but I can’t turn myself up and down.

Little Prince:  I’m sorry for these people.  Fortunately, I’m not one of them. Then, I should hurry up to see these people because their time is limited.

Sandglass:  Ok, little boy, I don’t understand what you mean, but go, it’s good to be in a hurry.  Good luck!

Little Prince has already gone.

Tuğçe Rükün / 10 A

    Nagehan Güler / 10 A


Vain Man: Welcome my dear fan. Are you here to adore me?

Little Prince: Hi. Such a beautiful planet.

Vain Man: Can I hear your applause?

LP: Why?

Vain Man: Because I’m the most handsome man on this planet.

LP: Aren’t you alone in this planet?

Vain Man: Yes.

Little Prince: Therefore you are also the ugliest and poorest man on this planet.

 Vain man was shocked, by the time Little Prince decided to leave because of vain mans arrogant behaviors.While he was leaving, he suddenly saw a white rose. He tried to talk to her.


Little Prince: I have never seen a white rose before.

White rose didn’t answer.


Little Prince: I think vain man doesn’t know that you are here.

White Rose: Yes,he only cares about himself.I’m about to die.

LP: I have something that might be good for you.

WR: Thanks, but I can survive by myself.

LP: I insist.  Please take my help.

WR: Okay.Thanks.

LP: I have a rose too but it is red.

WR: She must be beautiful.I think I am the ugliest rose that ever existed.

LP:No, you are not you are so unique.I need to go now .I hope this water helps.Bye.

Little Prince left the planet and landed on a planet where a sculpture lives.

Sculpture: Who is there?

LP: I’m little Prince.What is this?

Sculpture: It depends on what you see.

LP: I see a masterpiece of an artist who hasn’t been discovered yet.Why your eyes are closed?

Sculpture: I don’t need my eyes to see, I can see through my heart.

LP: How could you do that even though you are blind?

Sculpture: I am not blind, blind people are the ones, who have killed the child in theirselves.

LP: I see.It was such an inspiring day for me, but I have to go now.I’m leaving this scarf here so that you won’t ever forget me and remain as a child.

Reyhan Akdemir, 10-C

Sena Ortaç, 10-A

 Celil Aktaş, 10-C

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Where I Am Now

Changing school was not as difficult as I thought. Most of the students thought that there will be many problems to face. I agree with them on one point that  there will be things to face but these won’t be only about school life. Yes, there will be good days and bad days, however being a student in this school is one of the best things in my life up to now. I have changed in good ways and felt different about my lessons, friend and my spare time when I came to high school.

High school makes us have new knowledge and also makes us aware of all kind of important subjects through lessons. For me this is the start of life where I can get ready for the future. To achieve this goal I have to have good grades on exams, to push myself for the best I can do and prove myself on different platforms. I haven’t been a very successful student up to now; I am a great friend I guess.

Finding a real friend is not easy when you are an adult but in high school it’s the time for having close friends. In primary school, we didn’t used to have much to share. Instead, now we have much to talk about; our relationships with our parent, school, hobbies and that kind of stuff. In this school I won’t be alone at all. There are many close friends of mine who are really kind, helpful, thoughtful and funny. I think I am a so lucky for this reason. I also like the fact our school has less students than others.  Nowadays I have more to do in my free time with my friends.

Nowadays, I try to make active things in my spare time and I slowly feel better about the time running when I’m having good memories and experiences. Firstly, I didn’t used to know how important my free time was. I had used my free time wisely till the previous year. I am doing two sports together –tennis and volleyball- this year. I’m going to a tournament in March which will be inAntalya. I’ve got one volleyball and three tennis trainings per week. I love reading books as well as my passion for sports. Action novels ate the most suitable books for me. On the other hand, I like books which are written as a diary. I have many hobbies and stuff to do in my spare time.

The time that I spend on school is as great as my weekends. Sometimes studying gives me joy. It can be a strange idea for some of us but I totally love my school, friends and myself as a result. Being yourself is the most important thing in our academic and social life wherever you are. 

                                                                                                                                                                Aylin Güler, 9-C

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Does War Have A Good Reason?

As you can understand from the banners on people who wear masks what this protest is about. Behind the picture, there are some banners which are against war, too. It is probably after a big war. These people with white and sad masks are saying something. White, what does it mean here? Why do our faces turn into white when we see something or someone in a terrible situation? Why do our faces turn into white when we are sick? Why does he/she wear a white dress when someone dies? White is all about light and the holes on them are black, meaning that you can see us in the light but what if we are in the dark? These faces don’t want help; they don’t want any harmful thing for the country; they just feel guilty about what has been done there. It wasn’t their fault but the soldiers went there to protect them. But if this war had a good reason, why would it get such a big reaction? Numbers, history, individuals can lie but this big unity with a cause can’t lie. If they lied, how could  they find so many people who think the same and and do something together for a good cause.

Cansu Ece Gür, Prep-A

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A Pair of Shoes

Look at this picture and tell what you see… There are people from different nations and they are holding their hands for unity. If these people from various nations can unite, then who still causes racism and why? Governments! They are like a pair of shoes: buildings with high heels, the ones with pointed toes, sandals etc. When you get in a shoe shop, you usually see lots of shoes. First you’ll pick the one that takes your attention; maybe it is uncomfortable or you want to try the others in order to make the right choice. Sometimes, you can find exactly what you want but there isn’t any shoe in your size. Finally you’ll pick one. The beautiful one’s heels will break and the one with the highest heels will keep you from seeing the real world because you will be too high up to see the bottom but you still pick them. I can give you lots of examples for it but the point is: Fabric makes up the shoes. Creating a shoe needs lots of hands; they can have everyone who they think important is but it is all about us. Without us, they will just wait for someone and until that day they won’t be able to walk, run or climb. This is what is happening here. These people have already bought each but now those shoes compress their feet. However, they can’t remove them so they are begging for a thing which is under their feet. We actually made all the problems happen. Now look at us, tall buildings with high-heeled shoes that do what they want, but not do what we need.

Cansu Ece Gür, Prep-A

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